Panel System

FUTURE Alu. F Panel is the perfect handheld, Lightweight, No wood system capable of casting walls and slabs simultaneously with easy assembly and fast workflow. The FUTURE Alu. F Panel is the best solution for mass production of low rise structures such as villas and mansions.

Main Advantages:
• Excellent stiffness to weight ratio, 22 kg/m2
• Variety of applications suitable for any high quality finished structure.
• Simple assembly using pins & wedges.
• Could be used and reused up to 1500 times with careful handling and good maintenance.
• Aluminium alloy structure eliminates the rust factor for durability and longer life.
• Time and money saver.
• Eliminates the usage of plywood in order to achieve an environmentaly friendly product.
• Easily Maintained and energy efficient.
• High recovery value for used material


Download our Panel System to view detailed specifications, sizes, and pricing options.



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